[ic] Authorize.Net and Invalid Expiration Date/Wrong First Name

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Fri Jul 18 11:44:02 EDT 2003

I have a question for all users who are using Authorize.Net as their

All of our customers use Authorize.Net and this problem is consistent for
each catalog. I do not have any accounts set up under another gateway, so I
cant test if this is gateway specific.

It seems that if you enter the correct credit card number and address the
transaction will be accepted. This is true even when the expiration date is
wrong, as well as if First Name/Last name are wrong as well.

>From calling Authorize.Net they clam it is not an issue they are responsible
for. According to them they just pass through the appropriate transaction
code from the credit card number. If the credit card company accepts the
transaction (or rejects it) they pass the result.

So I called the credit card companies from the 3 different types of cards
that allowed the transactions. This was pain in it's purest form. The lack
of help must have set new records. The phone support people lookup the
transaction code and notice that it was an electronic transaction and then
keep trying to refer me back to the "person who owns/manages the site". 

After an hour of escalating the issues I gave up.

I would like to know if any of you have seen this problem, or might have an
explanation for it.

Authorize.Net seems to have a logical deniability since I view their role as
the "messenger". I would think that the credit card companies are the ones
to question here, but it happens with 3 different credit cards.

Also, I tried to place a transaction at another ecommerce site (I assume
using a different gateway than Authorize.Net) and the transactions were
rejected as expected. Now it seems that it would not be the credit card
companies issue if this is the case.

I am running out of ideas here and would appreciate any feedback you might

Side Note: I doubt it should matter, but the IC build we are using is 4.9.8


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