[ic] Design Editor/Menu help

Brian Kosick briank at nacs.net
Thu Jul 24 05:19:11 EDT 2003

Hello All,
I'm using IC 4.9.8 7/21/2003 nightly.  perl 5.8.0 (compiled from
source), redhat 9, and apache 2.0.40.  My issue is that when I create a
menu with the design editor, and try to publish it, it saves the file in
include/menus/projects.txt, but fails to write to the tree DB with the

wrasse.bsktech.net 7zmKyLUo:bsktech.net - [23/July/2003:21:27:40 -0600]
foundation /cgi-bin/foundation/aboutus.html Runtime error: Can't locate
object method "dbh" via package "Vend::Table::GDBM" at (tag 'control')
line 137.

I've made sure that I have Storable .10021.

When I try to add the project menu, to a page, I get "No current values"
in the menu set widget.  What info would I need to fill in to manually
get this menu file (projects) to be recognized?

most everything else seems to work OK. except that Moz 1.3 crashes when
I try to add a new item.

Brian Kosick

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