[ic] Options woes |:(

Tim Good draco at edsd.com
Thu Jul 24 10:53:22 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I am working with interchange 4.9.8-1, Perl 5.8 (compiled from tar ball -
single thread), Redhat 8.0, and Apache 2.0.40-11.5.
Interchange is installed via rpms.


I need to add options to items. I have confirmed that "OptionsEnable
option_type" is in catalog.cfg. 
There seems to be an admin UI interface to set options for items.
I have read about other users using the options tab in the item edit area,
with the same version of interchange. 
However when I try this method I get:

Server error!
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your
Error message: 
Premature end of script headers: bretzrv 

Actions taken thus far:

I have searched google, icdevgroups, and documentation (wiki and dist), to
no avail.

There are no errors or information reported, other than the one above, in
/var/lib/interchange/*catalog*/error.log, /var/log/interchange/error.log,
/var/log/httpd/www.*website*.error_log, or anywhere else. 
>From groups, I have seen this error in relation to:

1) incorrect shebang line (check to make sure that it is pointed to
the location of the perl interpreter, usually something like
/usr/bin/perl on *nix); [looks Ok, assuming it is right]

2) incorrectly uploading files in binary mode (**they should be sent
ASCII**; make sure you use a proper text editor to edit the script);
[I don't know how you are loading them, but this relates mostly to ftp

3) it could have also to do with "Content-type: text/html" line, it
needs *two* \n\n at the end of it; [It needs two, as I indicated

4) improper permission settings. Make sure you have the proper
permissions set on your script (e.g. chmod 755 on *NIX); [you will
have to check this]

5) using a Windows text editor and then uploading it to *nix where
there are CR/LF problems. See
http://galaxy.ps.uci.edu/users/esirko/howto/crlf.html for a discussion
if you are unfamiliar with this situation; [again, I don't know your
development scenario]

6) improper configuration of ScriptAlias and associated Directory
directives (in which case provide us with an example of it). 

I have checked the permissions for all files with interchange and all looks

Help needed:

Is this known to be a problem area in this release of interchange?
If not then am I missing something in the setup of
If not then can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this
(which files and locations would I check items above)?

All other areas of the catalog seem to be working well and I have read about
other users being able to use the options UI, so I am baffled why I am
having problems. Your help is much, much apreciated in any aspect of my
problem or if only to share common experience in this area. 

Thanks in advance,

Tim Good

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