[ic] No Stock Checkout

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Jul 25 16:26:21 EDT 2003

> Hello,
> i have noticed that even if there is no items in stock, it will let
> you to go do the checkout as if its in stock... is there a way that
> i can disbale the purchase when there is no items in stock..
> thanks alot

Yes, there is alot in the archives on this. You can simply not show a "buy"
button if the inventory is 0, via a basic [if] check on the inventory table.
Inventory checking is one of those things you *think* would be a bona fide
standard feature, but in reality, inventory is hard to maintain. If someone
places the last item in their basket, (inventory is still '1') it would still
allow others to place it in their basket.

You would need an autoload, or an inventory recheck in the basket, and if
applicable another check befor the user presses the 'place order' button...

But from your email, it is not clear what level of performance you desire your
not-in-stock function to be, let alone the verison of IC. You say "disable
purchase". I suspect in the end you will only want to disable the "disable add
to cart", as "disable purchase" will be much more difficult.

Again, you will find much in the archives on this.


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