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John Young john_young at sonic.net
Fri Jul 25 18:10:15 EDT 2003

Ed Vallvé wrote:
> it would be nice if you gave real answares to people

[...message headers and footers from top-posted response deleted...]

Ed - Since you chose to post to the list and not via email directly to me,
I will reply to the list (my apologies to the list).  I will follow the
points below with even-more-real answers to the original post's questions.

1) I answered the questions.  Should I have logged in to the inquirer's
server and configured it for him?  Don't confuse brevity with non-answers.

2) A quick search of the archives yields no solutions ever posted
by "Ed Vallvé" or "ed at ispnet.ca".  If you care to search for my
name, you'll find a few replies that qualify as answers.  Sometimes
I even answer a question or two on Kevin Walsh's Interchange IRC server.

3) Don't top-post replies to this list.  That's mentioned in the
list guidelines.

4) Trimming extraneous header and footer information from messages
included in replies is common courtesy.

5) The next time you wish to complain about someone else's post, without
providing a better answer yourself, I suggest you do it via direct email,
that is, off-list.

Now, for some worthwhile Interchange content, instead of the drivel above:

The first question:
 > Can your shopping cart work with Authorize.net accounts?

(I originally answered "Yes")

An Authorize.Net payment gateway module is included with Interchange.
Basic searching, documentation reading, or source code perusal indicates
that.  If one cares to read the specific instructions for configuring
Interchange to work with Authorize.Net's gateway, then one can:

perldoc [IC install directory]/lib/Vend/Payment/AuthorizeNet.pm

Interchange is not "[my] shopping cart", by the way.  Interchange is
a sophisticated open source development platform written by a few
generous and hardworking folks over the past several years.  This
email list is a public forum for discussions about Interchange.

The second question:
 > Is it easy to implement into any website?

(I originally answered "Sometimes")

I'm changing my answer to "No".  It is not easy to "implement into any 
It *is* easy, however, to implement into a website on a properly configured
host by a competent person.  It would not be exceptionally difficult on many
typical Interchange websites.  It is probably next to impossible to be 
by people who whine on list servers or ask vague questions instead of doing
their homework.

John Young

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