[ic] Does ANYONE know how to IC Cron?

Grant listbox at email.com
Sat Jul 26 22:48:05 EDT 2003

I remember reading that the IC cron feature exists, but I never picked on up
how to use it.  Now, I would really like to use it and searching for "cron"
via Swish at icdevgroup.org yields what seem to me like pretty humorous
results, but that could be my state of mind.  The first five are all people
wondering about the IC cron feature and the rest of the page's results don't
look relevant from the headlines.  I think I may have asked before myself.
Is this feature working?  Does anyone know how to use it?

Apparently, Racke did provide the following:

catalog.cfg =>
Jobs base_directory jobs

jobs/lists/components =>
[perl tables='catnames company component price']
$Tag->write_relative_file({file => 'html/xls/test1.zip',
body => $Tag->componentlist ({format=>'TAB', company=>'', fields=>'idf
process partnumber description manufacturer package datecode sellunit
count remarks'})});[/perl]

Execute the job

interchange --runjobs=matstock=lists

but I can't say I can figure it out from that.  Which I could though.  Can
anyone help with this?

- Grant

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