[ic] Does ANYONE know how to IC Cron?

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Sun Jul 27 13:52:45 EDT 2003

Quoting Grant <listbox at email.com> :
>I remember reading that the IC cron feature exists, but I never picked on up
>how to use it.  Now, I would really like to use it and searching for "cron"
>via Swish at icdevgroup.org yields what seem to me like pretty humorous
>results, but that could be my state of mind.  The first five are all people
>wondering about the IC cron feature and the rest of the page's results don't
>look relevant from the headlines.  I think I may have asked before myself.
>Is this feature working?  Does anyone know how to use it?
>Apparently, Racke did provide the following:
>catalog.cfg =>
>Jobs base_directory jobs
>jobs/lists/components =>
>[perl tables='catnames company component price']
>$Tag->write_relative_file({file => 'html/xls/test1.zip',
>body => $Tag->componentlist ({format=>'TAB', company=>'', fields=>'idf
>process partnumber description manufacturer package datecode sellunit
>count remarks'})});[/perl]
>Execute the job
>interchange --runjobs=matstock=lists
>but I can't say I can figure it out from that.  Which I could though.  Can
>anyone help with this?

Grant, here is a little example on how to use IC Cron Jobs:

#Put the following lines in catalog.cfg:
Jobs base_directory etc
Jobs log logs/cron.log
Jobs email listbox at email.com (if you want any output from the cronjob be 
sent to you by email)

Create a directory in the catalog directory: etc/mycronjobs
and put a file or files containing valid ITL in it.

As root:
su -f -c '/usr/local/interchange-4.9.8/bin/interchange 
--runjobs=found498=mycronjobs' interch

As interchange user:
/usr/local/interchange-4.9.8/bin/interchange --runjobs=found498=mycronjobs

Doing so all files in the etc/mycronjobs directory will be executed.

Please note:
Catalog name in this example is: found498
Interchange install directory in this example is: /usr/local/interchange-4.9.8

Good luck !

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