[ic] Need Quickbooks Import Help Pls

J P wwwsports at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 27 19:30:00 EDT 2003

An update on what I've found so far, some of this
might help others using the quickbooks module.  And
thanks to Jon for the link to the newsgroups, google
groups is perfect for getting through the info there.

>First, it seems that when you have a quotation mark
>the item description, it messes up the import into
> Say  57" Windsock.  I tried escaping it with  57\"
>Windsock and that didn't work.  In the import I get
>the SPLID in the quantity field as a negative
>and the date in the sku field when I have something
>like this.  If I take the " out, then it works fine. 
>Any ideas?

It seems this is a bug with QB, at least with the
version I'm using which is a bit older (2000).  QB
considers the " mark to be a field delimiter.  My
solution, in case anyone else needs it, is going to be
a cron job to run just after midnight each day which
simply does a replace on the .iif file from the
previous day to replace all " with ''  (the '' looks
just like a " when it prints in their invoices and I
do want that to appear).  Not elegant, but certainly
functional and won't require me to figure out any
place the " might show up, including places customers
might accidentally enter it like in company name and
address and such.

>Second, I'm exporting the affiliate id and the type
>payment used (ie Credit Card (visa)) to go into terms
>and rep, respectively.  
>The payment type seems to get entered in the customer
>record under the additional info tab, but it's not
>showing up on the invoice in quickbooks under terms. 
>And in some instances Credit Card (discover) has the
>last two characters cut off.  
>The affiliate sorta shows up in the customer record,
>actually only the first character of the affiliate
>code shows up there (initials), and it too doesn't
>show up on the invoice, so I can't report on sales by

The problem with these two is that it's only being
recorded by trans_quickbooks in one place when it
should be recorded in two.  Here's the solution in
case anyone else wants it.  There is a line around
line 109 in my file that begins like this
at the end of the line you need to add two more fields
   TERMS      REP
(those should all be tabs separating the info)
and then down about 24 lines is this line
[scratch SADDR5][/filter]

change that to
[scratch SADDR5]
[value mv_payment]
[data session source][/filter]

and that will record the affiliate and credit card
used in rep and terms respectively on the invoice part
of the transaction.  The first place it was used
recorded it only in the customer record, not the
invoice part.  

The only problem I have left is that it's only
recording the first letter of the affiliate code, like
an initial, so that's more of a QB issue I think now.

>Also I'm using [data session id] to record the
>id into the memo field, but for some reason it's
>cutting off the domain part so instead of something
>like mF24dZxb:yahoo.com it's just showing mF24dZxb
>And finally, is there any way in quickbooks to work
>with partial shipments like there is in IC, I'm not
>finding it anywhere I search.

Havent figured out the last two yet.

>If anyone has solved these issues or can point me in
>the right direction I'd be most appreciative.  And if
>there are any good quickbooks community sites where I
>can ask about stuff more specific to quickbooks,
>please let me know.  Thx.

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