[ic] Need Quickbooks Import Help Pls

Grant listbox at email.com
Sun Jul 27 20:03:44 EDT 2003

> An update on what I've found so far, some of this
> might help others using the quickbooks module.  And
> thanks to Jon for the link to the newsgroups, google
> groups is perfect for getting through the info there.
> >First, it seems that when you have a quotation mark
> in
> >the item description, it messes up the import into
> QB.
> > Say  57" Windsock.  I tried escaping it with  57\"
> >Windsock and that didn't work.  In the import I get
> >the SPLID in the quantity field as a negative
> quantity
> >and the date in the sku field when I have something
> >like this.  If I take the " out, then it works fine.
> >Any ideas?
> It seems this is a bug with QB, at least with the
> version I'm using which is a bit older (2000).  QB
> considers the " mark to be a field delimiter.  My
> solution, in case anyone else needs it, is going to be
> a cron job to run just after midnight each day which
> simply does a replace on the .iif file from the
> previous day to replace all " with ''  (the '' looks
> just like a " when it prints in their invoices and I
> do want that to appear).  Not elegant, but certainly
> functional and won't require me to figure out any
> place the " might show up, including places customers
> might accidentally enter it like in company name and
> address and such.

Do you export your items list from QB to IC?  If so, the " will show up as
'' there too and that can get annoying.  I know because I do basically the
same thing you're doing and I'm annoyed :).

- Grant

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