[ic] "SIte index" page with 1000's of items

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Mon Jul 28 09:10:54 EDT 2003

IC 4.8.7

My goal is to make each of my approx. 60,000 product flypages available 
to search engines. Using apache rewrite rules, I've managed to remove 
the "cgi-bin" from the flypage URLs and now http://domain.com/sku.html 
will display the product's flypage. I've also managed to generate a site 
index page that lists all skus with links to their flypages. The problem 
of course is that this site index page is huge... it takes the server a 
few minutes to generate it and it takes awhile to load even with my 
cable modem. If I use a more list on this page, Google will not crawl 
the "more" links despite the lack of "cgi-bin" in the links. Bummer!

My crude solution is to instead make a number of smaller site index 
pages, for example one for sku's that start with A, another for those 
that start with B, etc. This does help but I had to do it manually so I 
only made a small number of these and these pages are still somewhat large.

I'd like a way to generate pages that each list N items. For example 
http://domain.com/1000.html lists the first 1000
http://domain.com/2000.html lists the second 1000
and so on. Can anyone help with this or maybe think of an alternative 
solution? Thanks!


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