[ic] Importing a Table Fails

Jon-Paul Kennedy jpkennedy at pharmology.com
Mon Jul 28 17:08:01 EDT 2003


I sent a message last week but I didn't have any joy.
I am trying to import a table into my Postgresql database via the
interchange Admin interface.
I am getting UPLOAD FAILS errors. Here is the Error message received in the
error log. bkqzeuXj: - [28/July/2003:16:03:33 +0100]
otcdemo /cgi-bin/otcdemo/admin/import_table.html Could not open
file '>upload/bkqzeuXj.products.add': No such file or directory
to write this data:
SCALAR(0x98351d4) bkqzeuXj: - [28/July/2003:16:03:33 +0100]
otcdemo /cgi-bin/otcdemo/admin/import_table.html Safe: Can't locate obj
ect method "open_table" via package "Vend::Table::DBI" (perhaps you forgot
to load "Vend::Table::DBI"?) at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Data.
pm line 1070.
my $chklist;
my @cols = $Tag->db_columns($CGI->{mv_data_table});
for (my $i = 1; $i < @cols; $i++) {
    $chklist .= sprintf(q{<input type=checkbox name=ui_ignore_fields
value="%s"%s>&nbsp;%s}, $cols[$i], $Tag->checked({name=>'ui_ignore_fiel
ds', value=>$cols[$i], multiple=>1}), $cols[$i]);
 delete $Values->{ui_ignore_fields};

I have installed all relevant DBD's and re-compiled the DBD so many times
now I've lost count.
I am starting to loose faith, please help.


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