[ic] Scared.

jp at nuance9.com jp at nuance9.com
Mon Jul 28 15:57:39 EDT 2003

Well I just got an email back from a prospective client today saying that they have 
accepted my proposal and are wanting to go ahead with the proposed project.  This 
means my first e-commerce project.  I must admit it is a bit intimidating.  

They already have a merchant account, being a brick and mortar, but I guess I will need 
to arrange a payment gateway.

>From the testing I have done with IC, I am very impressed with the application - but I 
know there are going to be some bumps along the way.  Hopefully none of them will be 
too big - but I am sure you all will be hearing more from me in the weeks to come.  
Thanks for all the help that you have already given!

Justin Pease
N u a n c e   N i n e
Web Usability, Development and Design

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