[ic] Scared.

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Tue Jul 29 10:07:00 EDT 2003

> > Just remember that investing one or two hours for expert consulting
> > is usually better than an angry customer - in the case you run into
> > a block of stone during your project.
> Racke -
> I think that is excellent advice.  What are your rates?
> This project will be fairly low volume of sales.  Will choosing a
> flat file system over a
> SQL DB make a huge difference in performance?

We always go for a SQL database, even for low volume sites. I find there are
always times where it comes in handy. For example, say you want a drop-down
for a search where the list is built from the product groups _currently_ in
the products table (a SELECT DISTINCT query).

For the low volume sites, it always came down to the number of products -
more products means slower searches. 2 seconds plus for search results
starts to become a pain. If you have 20 products you are unlikely to have a
problem, if you have searches returning 50+ results, I would go SQL.

Also, for IC 4.9, SQL is required for setting up/ using tree menus with the
excellent new menu builder in the UI.

Good luck on your first project!


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