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Tue Jul 29 11:37:11 EDT 2003

On 29 Jul 2003 at 9:07, Jonathan Clark wrote:

> We always go for a SQL database, even for low volume sites. I find there are
> always times where it comes in handy. For example, say you want a drop-down
> for a search where the list is built from the product groups _currently_ in
> the products table (a SELECT DISTINCT query).

> Also, for IC 4.9, SQL is required for setting up/ using tree menus with the
> excellent new menu builder in the UI.

Sounds like good reasons to go the SQL route.  I have experience using MySQL, but am 
curious if there is any documentation on the installation / setup of IC for MySQL.  I tried 
searching the archives, but it seems mostly to be MySQL / PostgreSQL debates.

> Good luck on your first project!



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