[ic] Authorize.net was working fine, Auth.net gets nothing, custom charge tags work

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Tue Jul 29 19:01:55 EDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:36:17 +0100, Jonathan Clark <jonc at webmaint.com> 

>> IC 4.8.3
>> Until yesterday, everything was flawless with Authorize.net.
>> Now, I get the "Authorizenet error: Please call in your order
>> or try again." message.  However, this is after approx 2:30
>> to 3:00 minutes.  In the Auth.net admin, there is no record
>> of the attempted transaction, and after talking to their support, I have
>> confirmed that they do not see anything
>> being attempted.
>> First of all, is there a way to try to see what is happening?
>> There is nothing in the catalog error.log or in the global log.
>> It appears that it is not connecting, however, there appears
>> to be no "connection" issues on the server and everything else
>> is up, running, and fast as usual.
> Just a thought - any firewall ruleset changes?
> Jonathan.

Nope.  And here is some more interesting info:  The custom-coded stuff in 
the admin that I did for this store which employs the [charge] tag allowing 
you to commit a pre-auth charge, WORKS!

Any other ideas?  Or something else I should check?  I dont
really know where to look since there have been no server mods
and there is nothing in the logs.  Any other way to see *exactly*
what is and is not happening at the time of order?

Thanks again!
Aaron Hazelton

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