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John Young john_young at sonic.net
Thu Jul 31 00:45:57 EDT 2003

Vanessa wrote:
> Hello.  I'm not a developer so please be gentle.  I just have a website with an ISP that gives you an interchange shopping cart if you want.
> I can't get authorizenet to work at all.  I'm using the default interchange 4.8 store.  Not making any changes to the code just going through the wizard.  I can make an order and get a thank you.  Customer gets the email saying your order has been placed but credit card is not charged and authorizenet does not make the transaction.  It doesn't appear to do anything.  I've looked through some months of the archives but most questions are from folks who are customizing or are already successfully using authorizenet.  Please direct a newbie to the appropriate help pages.
> Thank you.

Thanks to one of Kevin Walsh's web sites, you can read a little about the
Authorize.Net payment module here:


You might want to take a whirl through http://www.interchange.rtfm.info
for all kinds of information.

BTW, it's good to use hard returns when posting to a list instead
of relying on word-wrapping.

John Young

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