[ic] Shipping Tag Problems

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Jul 31 13:26:21 EDT 2003

On 30 Jul 2003 11:23:03 -0500
Andrew <righteous at inbox.lv> wrote:

> Hello, I am building a catalog of of the Foundation example, and have
> run into some problems with the [shipping] tag.
> The call is set up like this (same as in foundation):
> <SELECT NAME=mv_shipmode>
>  [shipping
>     label=1
>     mode=|[data table=country key='[default country US]'    
>     col=shipmodes]|
>  ]
> Now this part seems to work well, managing to look into the country
> table and pull forth the correct shipping modes.  However, i have made
> some sweeping changes to the products database, and the following
> problems are reported:
> Note: No match found for mode '1DA', quantity '0', returning 0. No match
> found for mode '2DA', quantity '0', returning 0. No match found for mode
> 'GNDCOM', quantity '0', returning 0.
> So, somewhere in between, interchange's shipping tag is looking and
> finding -some- quantity set to 0.  does anyone know what is really going
> on within the tag, and what quanities it is checking against?  I have
> watched the transactions in the mysql.log (using mysql as the db) and it
> ends after selecting the shipmodes from the country table..

It probably looks for the shipping weight in the products tables (column


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