[ic] coordinate search

Andrew andrew at gnghardware.com
Thu Jul 31 07:37:57 EDT 2003

using IC 4.8.7
I believe I am using mv_orsearch incorrectly.

I have a number of items containing both "black" and "camera" in their 
description. There are other items with just "black" or just "camera".
Searching for "black" or "camera" will bring up the corresponding items. 
Searching for "black camera" returns only items that have "black camera".
I believe searching for "black camera" with mv_orsearch=1 should return 
every item containing either "black" or "camera" or both.

I have been working on this for a while, looking through the archives 
and piecing together the following code:

[set show_search]
mv_search_relate=0 and 1
[set normal_search]
$out = 'mv_search_field=' . join("\0", 'show_item', 
':company:keywords:code:description') . "\n";
$out .= 'mv_searchspec=' . join("\0", 1, $CGI->{searchstring}) . "\n";
$out .= 'mv_orsearch=' . join("\0", 0, 1) . "\n";
$out .= 'mv_search_group=' . join("\0", 0, 1) . "\n";
$out .= 'mv_substring_match=' . join("\0", 0, 1) . "\n";
$out .= 'mv_column_op=' . join("\0", 'eq', 'rm') . "\n";
<form action="[area search]" method=post name="searchform2">
<input type=hidden name=mv_profile value=show_search>
<input type=hidden name=mv_check value=normal_search>
<input type=text name=searchstring size=13>
<a href="javascript:document.searchform2.submit();" class="nav_a">Go</a>
<input type=hidden name=searchtype value=search>

Andrew LeBaron

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