[ic] Cannot add new simple option in 4.9.8-release

Reid Sutherland reid-ic at thirddimension.net
Thu Jul 31 10:46:49 EDT 2003

Kerry Blalock wrote:
>>Quoting Reid Sutherland (reid-ic at thirddimension.net):
>>>This will patch the _new_ addition of a 'simple option' problem I've
>>>explained in my original email (below).  This patch works for me, not
>>>sure if it's the "right way" to fix it, but it works none the less.
>>>I'm also going to write a HOWTO to deal with the new 4.9.8 option
>>>system  (upgrading from 4.8, etc).  The current documentation is
>>>sparse, and  confusing at times.  But I've been able to get it working
>>>for myself, so  I'll put it in writing and submit it to the list in
>>>the hopes it helps  others.
>>>Patch for simple options follows:
>>>--- lib/UI/pages/include/Options/Simple-orig  Fri Apr 11 19:30:38 2003
>>>+++ lib/UI/pages/include/Options/Simple      Wed Jul 30 14:59:25 2003
>>>@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
>>> [/perl]
>>> [/if]
>>>-[if cgi opt_groups]
>>>+[if cgi opt_group_]
>>>     [perl tables="[scratch option_table]"]
>>>         my $otab = $Scratch->{option_table};
>>>         my $odb = $Db{$otab};
>>>Take care everyone,
>>Thanks -- actually, I just added:
>>[or cgi opt_group_]
>>below the existing one. This should fix other people's problems
>>with creating new options when no previous options exist.
>>Fixed and credited in CVS -- thanks!
> I tried both changes and now when I click on simple options, nothing
> happens, ie no menu boxes. Do you need to restart interchange?

In the file $INTERCHANGEDIR/lib/UI/pages/include/Options/Simple do the 

1. Find 'opt_groups' (line 25)
2. Add a line below it that looks like this:

  [or cgi opt_group_]

3. End result should be (borrowed from CVS)

[if cgi opt_groups]
[or cgi opt_group_]

You shouldn't have to reload Interchange for changes to the UI to take 

Take care,


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