[ic] Newb Postgres Session Setup

Jason Lee jason.lee at mac.com
Thu Jul 31 16:18:51 EDT 2003

On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 02:37  PM, Mike Heins wrote:

> I don't believe Pg text types handle binary values well. To use it,
> you will have to disable Storable for sessions. (That is usually
> just removing the _session_storable file in the Interchange root.)

So how would this affect a session? Is not storing the actual session 
itself going to be an issue? I'm assuming that since you're 
recommending this that it won't be?

> It has been my experience that the write speed of Postgres is a
> great deal slower than MySQL, so IMHO it is better to use MySQL For
> that purpose.

I guess it would be possible to have a separate MySQL for just the 
session stuff. I'm sure this is a waste though and I should probably 
just move everything over to MySQL all together. Hmm.. I'm aware also 
of the write speed of the two dbs.

I've mostly used Postgres for my various project over MySQL 
specifically (way back) because MySQL had the whole transaction issue. 
Obviously, that doesn't exist anymore, but I also read later on that 
Postgres was better at supporting SQL standards and was still more 
mature in regards to transactions.

Not 100% on that, but can anyone chime in on deployment sizes and 
things like that using MySQL vs. Postgres. I'm early enough along in 
the project where I can still make the decision of this db or that and 
depending on the input, I might switch. At some point, this will have 
to be a HA system and my goal for the long term will be to get a db 
setup with failover along with clustering on Interchange boxes.

Much thanks again,

- Jason

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