[ic] Interchange & XML?

Brent Meshier brent at meshier.com
Thu Jul 31 21:54:40 EDT 2003

I've been following the list for a few weeks now, I'm quite interested
in Interchange.  I need a shopping cart that can export the order
details using CURL (POST to an HTTPS URL) via XML.  Our company does
order fulfillment and warehousing, offering web based order and
inventory management.  We have an XMP API for customers who wish to send
us orders from their proprietary systems.  We are increasing getting
requests from e-commerce companies for a shopping cart.  It would be
nice to have a standard shopping cart that is modified to communicate
with our servers.  I'd like to offer our customers an all-in-one
solution rather than having them try to customize all the other shopping
carts already out there.  I installed Interchange a couple days ago and
saw that it sends the order to an email address of your choice.  Has
anyone taken this process any further, such as the scenario that I've
described?  Any input is appreciated!

Brent Meshier
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Indianapolis, IN 46241
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