[ic] Template nightmare - Help??

Phil Smith phil.smith at phil-home.com
Sun Nov 2 14:57:03 EST 2003


I would not have thought so!

As long as you have all the bits locally - they should look the same!

I would suggest Ftping the files - but they don’t let you do that!

What is the location of the catalog on your machine http://webdev/tvcables ?


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>I am trying to replicate my Pipex provided install of IC on my 
>home web server. I have installed in 4.8.7 at home and copied 
>the templates from Pipex.
>I find that when I use the templates on my home system the 
>page is all over the place. It uses a lot of tables in tables 
>and the whole format is absolutely screwed. The category bar 
>ends up half way down the page, the main html content ends up 
>at the bottom of the page.
>Any idea why this would happen?
>I have copied all the template files and the theme.cfg etc.
>I am not sure what version of IC Pipex are using, I have 
>assumed 4.8.7, Would a version difference cause this much of 
>difference in template handling??
>Please help....
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