[ic] signio decline=0 result gets charged

jefficdg at sudjam.com jefficdg at sudjam.com
Sun Nov 2 18:36:36 EST 2003

> If it's an intermittent problem my guess would be that you have
> something locking a log file while interchange is trying to write to
> it.  

The problem is intermittent and it seems to only happen when an order gets no 
return data from Verisign/Signio and pfpro executable.  

If you notice, it always has 

Vend::Payment:debug: signio decline=0 result: 
Vend::Payment:debug: signio decline=0 result: {
  'ICSTATUS' => 'success',
  'MStatus' => 'success',
  'pop.status' => 'success'

Where the result string is effectively NULL.

> I would examine your catalog.cfg to see how "route log" is defined.  If
> it is like the foundation demo then <CATROOT>/etc/log_transactions is
> called to log the sale.  Somewhere in that file might be your problem
> and you can put debug statements in there to track it down.  Also check
> to see if the orders are being logged in <CATROOT>/logs/log or not.  

Yes our installation is based origionally on the foundation demo and then 
customized.  the log_transaction doesn't look very help, or at least i don't 
understand it, here's the last screen full of info:

[elsif type=explicit compare="[userdb save]"]
[tmpn tmp_user_save]SUCCESS[/tmpn]
Saved user information to user database: [scratch tmp_user_save]
[if scratch auto_create]
        Logout auto-created user: [userdb function=logout clear=0 clear_cart=0]

There was an error updating the user information: $ERROR$

[comment]Past add data entry.[/comment]

[comment]Past all transaction log.[/comment]
        my $out = $Scratch->{transaction_record};
        $out =~ s/^\s+//mg;
        $out =~ s/\s+$//mg;
        $out =~ s/[\r\n]+/\n/;
        $out =~ s/:\n(\d+|yes|succe\w+|fail\w+)\n/: $1\n/ig;
        return $out;
#### end [value mv_order_number] #####

> If it was not intermittent I'd say that someone changed the structure of
> your transaction table without updating log_transaction, but that's just
> a guess.

Also here's what I get in ~/logs/log

#### begin 1230 #####
Total order: $46.95
Payment processing...payment_method=credit_card
Real-time charge FAILED. Reason: 0
There was an error accepting payment: Real-time charge failed. Reason:
#### end 1230 #####

I can't tell you how many hours I've spend on this.  Once again says failed 
reason 0, again leads be back to what I was origionall talking about earlier 
the Signio module is not getting data back from pfpro.  


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