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Terry & Sue Montana smontana at pacbell.net
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I'm glad you bring this up. I too am concerned about which way to go after
the demise of Red Hat Linux as we know it. Switching from FreeBSD, I've been
using Red Hat since 7.1.
I for one will be following this thread to learn which flavor of Linux
Interchange users will favor.

Terry Montana

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Dear all -

I apologize if this is a bit off-topic, but I think that this is a good
forum for this issue. As many of you probably know, Red Hat is undergoing
some strategic changes which will result in the near-term demise of Red Hat
Linux as most of us know it: versions 7.2 - 8.0 will no longer be supported
as of the end of this year; currently-shipping version 9 will no longer be
supported after April of next year. Red Hat will instead focus on their
Enterprise product, which is no doubt impressive - and has mandatory
licensing and subscription fees.

For those of us primarily concerned with building and operating web
servers, this is a bit much. Red Hats Fedora project might be a
possibility, but it's unclear what shape that is taking just yet. I would
appreciate hearing any opinions on the other Linux dist's from those whom
have had the opportunity to use them for some time, again in the context of
interchange and web server services.

Thanks in advance for all remarks!

- Ed LaFrance

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