[ic] Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet

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Tue Nov 4 22:06:29 EST 2003

Hello List Members,
Based on my extensive research, which includes these archives, the docs at
icdevgroup, the RTFM site and Interchangeville, Google,  and IC Google, I
can proudly boast that over the past several weeks I have probably read
every statement posted on the Internet about the addition of "Require module

I've read the text file for AuthorizeNet.pm at the RTFM site.  I've read the
actual AuthorizeNet.pm (almost identical to the text file at RTFM), the
complete interchange.cfg and catalog.cfg.

I'm not sure there's a problem with AuthorizeNet at this point, because we
have not yet launched the catalog.  I am not at the stage to make a "test
order" yet, because my client will be with me when I make the test, and I
want it to work the first time.

I've asked this question recently, but it was bundled with other questions
and probably lost as a result.  Either that, or everyone is tired of
answering any questions about AuthorizeNet.  But here goes anyway:

After adding the line:

Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet

to the interchange.cfg file, based on my understanding of what I read in the
posts, I expected to see the addition of
 "Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" to the interchange.cfg file appear in the
"Perl Information" section under the "Administration" section of the Admin
UI.  But it doesn't show there.  I've read that after the line "Require
module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" is added to the interchange.cfg file,
Interchange won't start if the module is not found.  But the catalog does
start.  However, what I see in the Admin Interface for perl information is:
Perl Information

Optional Module Information
Archive::Tar found (v1.05).
SQL::Statement found (v0.1021).
Archive::Zip found (v1.06).
Safe::Hole found (v0.08).
Bundle::LWP found (v1.09).
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel found (v0.2602).
Business::UPS found (v1.13).
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel found (v0.42).
Compress::Zlib found (v1.22).
Storable found (v2.08).
Crypt::SSLeay found (v0.51).
Term::ReadKey found (v2.21).
DBI found (v1.38).
Term::ReadLine::Perl not found. Gives you filename completion and command
history in the makecat program. Not used otherwise.
Digest::MD5 found (v2.30).
Tie::ShadowHash found (v2.00).
Image::Size found (v2.992).
Tie::Watch found (v1.1).
LWP::Simple found (v1.36).
URI::URL found (v5.03).
MIME::Base64 found (v2.21).
Using perldiver.cgi to get a graphical view of the perl modules installed on
the server reveals only this related to AuthorizeNet:
Naturally, I'd like to make sure I'm on the right track BEFORE I launch this
catalog.  Otherwise I might have a difficult time explaining to my client
why I wasn't as smart as he thought I was.  Is it normal that the
Interchange Admin UI doesn't list the Vend::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet?

Best regards,
Michael G.

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