[ic] OT: Alternatives to Red Hat

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Nov 5 08:43:59 EST 2003

Quoting mike karthauser (mikek at brightstorm.co.uk):
> on 5/11/03 7:31 am, Nicholas Cook at ncook at intropolis.com wrote:
> > Curiosity question, but why did you switch off of FreeBSD?  I ask
> > because I have been considering switching to it from RedHat, and I don't
> > often hear of people moving away from it.
> I was also thinking this. FreeBSD is a lot easier to keep updated that any
> other *nix variety I have used.
> Mac osX is based on it so then you are killing 2 birds..

I know there are people running IC on FreeBSD, but Interchange doesn't
run best with FreeBSD. This is due to signal problems; the rewinding system
calls cause problems similar to what you see on Linux with Perl 5.8.0.

We have solved the largest problem with it, the one hanging in select, but
there are still plenty of boundary cases.

It also used to be important to compile your kernel to larger-than-supplied
values for CHILD_MAX and other values, but I don't know the current state
of affairs there.

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