[ic] Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Nov 5 15:16:48 EST 2003

Hostmaster [hostmaster at zipp.net] wrote:
> After adding the line:
> Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet
> to the interchange.cfg file, based on my understanding of what I read in
> the posts, I expected to see the addition of
>  "Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" to the interchange.cfg file appear in the
> "Perl Information" section under the "Administration" section of the Admin
> UI.  But it doesn't show there.  I've read that after the line "Require
> module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" is added to the interchange.cfg file,
> Interchange won't start if the module is not found.  But the catalog does
> start.  However, what I see in the Admin Interface for perl information
> is:
> [snip: Perl modules and versions]
Check the messages you get when you restart Interchange.  You should see
something along the lines of:

    AuthoriseNet payment module initialised using Net::SSLeay

The startup messages are also written to the global error.log file.

> Naturally, I'd like to make sure I'm on the right track BEFORE I launch
> this catalog.  Otherwise I might have a difficult time explaining to my
> client why I wasn't as smart as he thought I was.  Is it normal that the
> Interchange Admin UI doesn't list the Vend::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet?
It is normal that Interchange doesn't list its own modules; it only
lists certain external modules.

You will want to place some test orders before you go live.

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