[ic] wacky widget (Modified Subject: Additional Image Fields: Values Shifting)

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Wed Nov 5 08:42:25 EST 2003

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> Hi all,
> I've been having a problem with the Image upload widget on my
> Postgresql-7.3.3, RH 9.0, IC 4.9.8 server.
> I've wanted to display more pictures on the flypage.I was successful in
> adding fields to the database to
> display product dimensions on the fly page with the [if-data] tags. I've
> been trying to get the 'image upload'
> to work for more images but I'm now stuck with data that jumps columns in
> my
> database.
> I created varchar fields for  new images, image_1, image_2, image_3,
> thumb_1,thumb_2 etc...... in the
> admin UI I've selected 'image upload' w/o filters, and 'image upload'
> 'nullselect' for images and thumbs respectively,
> in following how the foundation images and thumbs were set. I created
> separate folders on the server for image_1 ....,thumb_2 etc...
> Then I altered the meta information and told it what directory the stuff
> should go in images/thumb_1 and
> the appended html for each new field
> <A HREF="admin/upload_file?ui_image_preview=[var IMAGE_DIR]/(new directory
> name)
> /_UI_VALUE_&ui_upload_binary=1&ui_upload_backup=0&mv_arg=images/(new
> directory
> name)/_UI_VALUE_&ui_start_dir=items&ui_return_to=admin/item_edit&ui_return
> _t
> o=item_id=
> _UI_KEY_&ui_preload=_UI_TABLE_:_UI_COLUMN_">upload...</A>
> Now the problem,
> I have set the display: products 'fields to edit' as follows;
> =General
> sku
> drw_no
> description
> prod_group category
> comment
> inv_dep
> width depth height diameter
> seat_w seat_d seat_h arm_h
> weight
> inventory::quantity
> image thumb
> image_1 image_2 image_3
> thumb_1 thumb_2 thumb_3
> Everything shows up as desired but....
> If I go back and make any changes in the image fields the thumbs shift to
> the first empty spot in the image fields but only in the new fields I've
> created.
> thumb_1 data moves to image_1 data field if image_1 was empty, otherwise
> it
> would move to the image_2 field. Am I witnessing Interchange string theory
> or is my problem obvious to someone out there?
> Advice appreciated.

This is identical to a message I posted last week. 

I have worked around this problem by adding a very small (i.e. 1px)
transparent image as a placeholder in these fields. It seems to be a viable

I was working with Mike Heins on some other consulting projects and
mentioned this particular issue to him. He suggested that it might be a bug
in the code related to multi-part file uploads. I believe ge added it to the
list of bugs/things-to-check-out.

Beyond that, I did not get any responses or come up with other work-arounds.

I know that the dev team is very busy working on the upcoming 5.0 release
and are actively fixing bugs. However, I don't know the priority of
something like this in the grand scheme of things.

Depending on its importance and/or your skills you might be able to address
it yourself, or seek consulting services of one of the devs.

Good luck and let me know if you find a better work-around or fix. This
drove me nuts for about a week 8).

Gary Norton
broadGap Technologies

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