[ic] OT: Alternatives to Red Hat

Terry & Sue Montana smontana at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 5 08:33:39 EST 2003


At the time it was my first experience with Interchange. Needles to say, my
client and I were very impressed with the program but we had problems
running it on FreeBSD (we were using FreeBSD with other applications so it
seemed appropriate to try and use it with Interchange). At the end of the
day it was just a simple solution to switch to Red Hat.


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Terry & Sue Montana wrote:

>I'm glad you bring this up. I too am concerned about which way to go after
>the demise of Red Hat Linux as we know it. Switching from FreeBSD, I've
>using Red Hat since 7.1.
>I for one will be following this thread to learn which flavor of Linux
>Interchange users will favor.
>Terry Montana
Curiosity question, but why did you switch off of FreeBSD?  I ask
because I have been considering switching to it from RedHat, and I don't
often hear of people moving away from it.

Nicholas Cook

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