[ic] Item out of stock

Grant listbox at email.com
Wed Nov 5 11:49:54 EST 2003

> Does any one know how to hide a product even though it's in the database.
> Right now I have the site set up so it won't list any products
> that have the
> "inactive" field set to "1", but if someone bookmarks the page
> from earlier
> they can still get to the page even if the value is "1". Is there a way to
> prevent the items from showing up at all once they are out of
> stock, without
> removing them from the site entirely?
> --
> Anthony Minero

Although I wish I'd come up with something a little cleaner, I have my
flypage display a page identical to the "missing" page instead of the normal
page content if the item is inactive.

- Grant

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