[ic] Item out of stock

Grant listbox at email.com
Wed Nov 5 13:07:16 EST 2003

> interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> >> Does any one know how to hide a product even though it's in the
> >> database. Right now I have the site set up so it won't list any
> >> products
> >> that have the
> >> "inactive" field set to "1", but if someone bookmarks the page
> >> from earlier
> >> they can still get to the page even if the value is "1". Is there a
> >> way to prevent the items from showing up at all once they are out of
> >> stock, without
> >> removing them from the site entirely?
> >>
> >>
> >> --
> >> Anthony Minero
> >
> > Although I wish I'd come up with something a little cleaner, I have my
> > flypage display a page identical to the "missing" page instead of the
> > normal page content if the item is inactive.
> >
> > - Grant
> This is not a half bad idea. Instead of showing a missing page,
> you can do a
> "item no longer valid" then maybe a "see similar items" list can
> be displayed,
> in hopes of selling an alternative product.
> It would be just a simple alteration to grants method.
> Paul

Actually, I've got items I don't want displayed anymore at all which I use
the method I first mentioned with, and then I've got items that have been
discontinued by their supplier and are at zero quantity.  With those items I
do exactly what you just suggested.  That way, the search engines still list
that page and it still pulls traffic.

- Grant

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