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Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Wed Nov 5 17:43:30 EST 2003

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> > > Dear all -
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> > > I apologize if this is a bit off-topic, but I think that this is a
> > > forum for this issue. As many of you probably know, Red Hat is
> > > some strategic changes which will result in the near-term demise of
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IC Users

This is from my friend who is helping me get IC going on my machine

> Debian being non profit has always been my choice since
> I used it in it's early beginnings. And as I said it many times:
> every time I try Red Hat the stronger I feel about Debian.
> Debian is not perfect, but having used it for many, many
> years I learned to deal with problems and I found ways
> of getting around them. Debian spells "FREEDOM" because
> it lets you do any thing with it, sometimes you can go to far
> and brake the system as it happened to me in the past.
> The key though, in living on the edge like I do, is to
> have a good cpio tape image of my system. Again, the key
> word is cpio, because having one spare disk with linux system
> I can restore my 4.5 GByte system in just over one hour, and
> my servers in minutes.
> Tar is not very good for it does not preserve the system links,
> I tried it in my early Linux days.
> Other tape backups are just like Windows backups, they need
> already running system, which is useless because it takes you
> hours to install one from CD's.
> And of course you need one Debian CD to make the system
> bootable, any version but I would not use anything under
> 3.0 (Woody) to many changes in the lilo and of course in gcc.
> There are ways to do it even with older CD's, but they are tricky
> and they can't be guaranteed to work.
> Of course there are some things to remember like you
> can't backup proc which is a virtual directory so you have to omit it
> and then recreate yourself or copy it from not running system.
> Enough of that:
> Having played with your disk in the last four days, I can
> say that: the final result, which is Interchange on Sarge
> seems to be working and it does not need Perl 5.6 actually
> downgrading the Perl to 5.6 broke the interchange, because
> it complained at boot.
> So, I believe, without actually messing with IC, that
> Interchange 4.8.7, which is on the Sarge seems to be working
> fine with it's Perl 5.8.
> As I said it earlier, downgrading Perl to 5.6 actually prevented
> IC from running.
> Now:
> I am not sure if this will work for someone installing
> IC on the already running Sarge system. I found that catalog
> installation on the virgin system may not work. I would start
> with woody, because all IC components work fine there, and
> then upgrade to Sarge and install all the packages, but I did
> let the cat be replaced. This gave me a perfectly running system.
> I noticed that, -ui installer on woody actually lets you define
>  your own admin user and the password, while it does not work
> on the Sid. I did not want to experiment with Sarge, no time for
>  that, since I have a working solution.
> The key is upgrade from woody to Sarge works. I did not dare
>  going to Sid because I haven't been lucky with IC in it yet,
>  but keep in mind that both Sarge and the Sid are not official
>  releases and the Sid is highly experimental, where things change
>  daily. I suspect that Sarge will be released by the spring next year.
> Why Sarge and not woody? Sarge has KDE 3.1 and open office 1.1.0
> Woody has KDE 2.2 (which had many bugs) and no open office.
> Spell checker in KDE Office on the 2.2 was bad broken.
Regards & Thank You as this would not be possible without everyones support

Scott Martin
smartin at steamvalve.com
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