[ic] IC vs. ShopSite?

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Wed Nov 5 23:15:05 EST 2003


	I just met with a client who is interested in having a web site 
developed in a commerce program called ShopSite (because that's what 
Verio provides them with their hosting account).  I hadn't heard of 
this package before, and a quick search of the archives didn't reveal a 
lot (except for one post saying ShopSite was "not at all 
configurable").  The client also told me that there is a 10-field limit 
in product descriptions (5 standard, and 5 custom).  Needless to say, 
my first impressions (from hearsay) is not very good so far...

	Does anyone have any experience they'd care to share, comparing IC to 
ShopSite?  I realize I'm on the Interchange list asking this question, 
so I'm prepared for some amount of bias.  :)



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