[ic] 3rd Posting Problem with Discount

videotaxi.nuernberg videotaxi.nuernberg at t-online.de
Thu Nov 6 08:00:29 EST 2003

Hi list,

since nobody seems to be interested I'll post this a third time,
I am using IC 4.87

i have encountered something strange with the discount,
i have filled some of the fields in column discountprice with prices (which
are lower than the ones in the column price),
I would like to show, that a discount is being given for that/those
particular products,
 I have commented every line on what I do and what happens, this should make
it easy to find the mistake ...

we're on the page 'cart'

[item-list modular=1]
first I reset the discount
[discount [item-code]][/discount]

For test purposes I check if there is something in the discountfield and set
the discount price for that particular item
[if-item-data products discountprice]TEST TEST : yip there is a
[discount [item-code]][item-data products discountprice][/discount]

to show the regular price [item-data products price] or [price
code="[item-code]"] or [item-price] --- everything okay
Regular Price <STRIKE>[price code="[item-code]"] </STRIKE>

show the disounted price [price code="[item-code]" discount=1] or [item-data
products discountprice]  or [discount-price] --- still all clear
Your Preis: [price code="[item-code]" discount=1]

The difference is shown correctly --- good to go
Saved: [item-difference]</TD>

the regular price *  number of ordered pieces is calculated correctly --- 
also no problem
<TD ALIGN=right>Regular Price Sum<strike>[item-subtotal]</strike><br>

the discount sum is NOT shown correctly - it does not change according to
ordered items and is missing the currency symbol, a change to
[currency][item-discount subtotal][/currency] fixes the currency problem,
but the total is still wrong ..???
Discounted Sum : [item-discount subtotal]

the savings are also shown correctly [item-difference] * number of pieces
ordered --- no problem
Overall Savings [item-discount]<br><TD>

if there is notdiscountprice the following will be displayed ---  also ok
[else] <TD ALIGN=right>[item-price]</TD><TD



the subtotal also shows the WRONG amount meaning every discounted item price
gets only added once,
it doesn't make a difference if i buy 1 or 10 pieces the price just stays
the same .....???

Has anybody encountered the same, any hints to solve this, I was going by
the book on this, what have I overlooked,

thanx in advance


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