[ic] 3rd Posting Problem with Discount

Joachim Leidinger joachim at Leidinger.net
Thu Nov 6 09:07:56 EST 2003

videotaxi.nuernberg wrote:
> Hi list,
> since nobody seems to be interested I'll post this a third time,
> I am using IC 4.87
> i have encountered something strange with the discount,
> i have filled some of the fields in column discountprice with prices (which
> are lower than the ones in the column price),
> I would like to show, that a discount is being given for that/those
> particular products,
>  I have commented every line on what I do and what happens, this should make
> it easy to find the mistake ...
> we're on the page 'cart'

Have you an URL to visit and test it?


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