[ic] OT: Alternatives to Red Hat

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Nov 6 07:30:16 EST 2003

> Well,
> I will say that in terms of stability, Slackware is the best ever. I love Slackware, but it doesn't mean that I don't accept its weaknesses. Slackware is really hard to update, and you will run into many problems with it when you update your system. I don't know anything about Slack after 8.0, but I have been using Red Hat, and if your concerns are focused on the updating process of your system, RHN is a really big help. You can have one demo account, and it is free. Finally, I have a box P4 512 MB of memory, 40 gigabytes running a demo store for 300 people using Red Hat. The only time that I have reboot the machine is when I need to apply the updates from RHN. Efficiency is fine. It is faster than the ISS they have here for the intranet web site. About Debian it worked with it a couple of times, and I will say that is really good, and it is far away from Slackware in terms of updating packages.
> I hope this will help you.
> Diego

Please don't top post.
Swaret makes updating Slack as easy as up2date.


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