[ic] Flyout-Menu with images

Joachim Schubert as at freibergnet.de
Thu Nov 6 15:45:42 EST 2003

Thank you very much, Mike

Mike Heins wrote:

> Quoting Joachim Schubert (as at freibergnet.de):
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > question: Is it possible to use images in the flyout-menue
> > in place of text?
> Sure. You just have to make your template use the field. I don't think
> the standard one comes with a call to {IMG_DN}.
> > I'm able to use this in the tree-menue with the option
> > specific_image_link=1 in the [menue] - tag and the entry of
> > image source in img_up (menu editor). But the flyout-menue 
> > doesn't show any images. 
> If you download the mike-0.0x demo, you will see a custom template
> implmentation of flyout menus. You can modify that one (in the
> file variables/COMMON_MENU) to call out {IMG_DN} where you want.

You are so right. It works! 

Where can I learn more about the menu-tag? 
Reading the source I don't understand all features. 

Again, thank you.


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