[ic] IC vs. ShopSite?

Jeff James jeff at redgaloshes.com
Thu Nov 6 12:00:46 EST 2003

> I just met with a client who is interested in having a web site 
> developed in a commerce program called ShopSite
>   Does anyone have any experience they'd care to share, comparing IC 
> to 
> ShopSite?

Hi Peter: I cut my teeth on Shopsite and, for an entry-level ecommerce product, I think it's
absolutely sensational. Cheap, easy to use, and solid. We were running about 24 Shopsite Pro licenses
with pretty rich functionality and very few problems. As my business grew, however, we wanted greater
flexibility, functionality, and control so we transitioned from Shopsite to IC about two years ago.
Because of Shopsite's built-in export capabilities and IC's flexibility, the migration was a total

In a nutshell, Shopsite delivers out of the box, easy, solid functionality at the expense of
flexibility and scalability. Interchange, on the other hand, can do literally anything and everything
you want it to as long as you've got the developer time, talent, and money to wrangle it into shape.

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