[ic] very weird IC Cron issue

Grant listbox at email.com
Sun Nov 9 11:26:45 EST 2003

I have a few UserTag which do some stuff and then set a few scratch
variables.  3 out of 4 of them do this perfectly, but there is a very
strange issue with the fourth.  The scratch values that it sets can be
retrieved with the following code on a test page:

count_response: [scratch count_response]

but if the exact same code is run via IC Cron, the cron results show a blank
value for the [scratch count_response].  This seems really strange since the
other UserTags I'm testing have no problem passing scratch variables to code
being run via IC Cron.

Does anyone have any idea?  Even a clue would be much appreciated.  I'm

- Grant

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