[ic] Begin,Commit,Rollback the tables when processing a order

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Nov 10 05:12:16 EST 2003

Quoting cui yuming (cui_yuming at hotmail.com):
> Hi,all
> when processing an order,many rows will be inserted to multiple tables.
> but when a row of them can't be inserted,i hope ic can rollback the rows 
> which have been inserted.
> I have try to set the Route's attribute rollback and rollback_tables,but it 
> does not worked as i want.
> (description:what i do is enter a order in UI, i add two rows into 
> catalog.cfg as below:
> Route   entry   rollback        1
> Route   entry   rollback_tables '__TRANSACTION_TABLES__'

You want to set this in the master route, i.e. default. This
is done in catalog.cfg in the latest foundation:

Route   default   transactions    '__TRANSACTION_TABLES__'

Commit and rollback are handled automatically if you do that, but
of course you need to use a transaction-capable db (MySQL 4,
Postgres, Oracle) for it to work.

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