[ic] Does this mean it's SQL time?

Grant listbox at email.com
Mon Nov 10 12:26:32 EST 2003

I have some cron files running that do a lot of accessing three tables I've
created.  If I try to view one of the tables in the UI while the cron file
is running, I get an error like:

Runtime cron error: Could not tie to
'/catalogs/dev1/products/ebay_variable.gdbm': Resource temporarily
unavailable at /ic493/lib/Vend/Table/GDBM.pm

Does this mean any attempt to access the database while the cron file is
running will result in this error?  Even if the request is coming from the
front and not the back-end?  Is upgrading to an SQL database the way to fix
this problem?

- Grant

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