[ic] Bugs in item edit?

Tim Good draco at edsd.com
Tue Nov 11 11:07:06 EST 2003

I forgot to change the subject and include my ver. so I am

version: interchange 4.9.9 perl 5.8 undef threading Redhat

I wanted to pass bugs on to the developers ... unless they
are by design?

1) First of all I am changing the widgets for item edit, in
admin interface. I would like to change a widget for all
products but the only way I see to do so is to add an entry
manually in the mv_metadata table. In the item edit 
view there is a link to change the widget type for that
item. When you 
change the widget settings it adds an entry in the
mv_metadata table with the 
product group prepended. I then have to edit the entry and
remove the product group eg.( Fleetwood::products::new_used
-> products::new_used ).

2) When I do edit the mv_metadata entry it adds a new entry
instead of changing 
the existing one. I then have to delete the original entry.
Since after clicking 
on the "ok" button to apply the changes I am then kicked
back to first page, I have to go back and search for
original entry to delete it. Seems a little clunky to me?

3) If I am in the item list view and follow the "Item
editor" link to customize 
the view, the settings are not retained. For instance, when
I change the list of 
fields to edit and then go in to edit an item the changes
are not effective. The 
work-a-round is to edit an item and then click on "Item
editor" link and then add changes to view. (Q.) Why not just
have one path to "Item editor" which would work all the

Just my 2 cents,


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