[ic] Options tab in Item Edit

Tim Good draco at edsd.com
Tue Nov 11 22:00:36 EST 2003

I am answering my own question incase anyone else has a
similar problem.
My original post was back in July. My most recent post:

>When I click on the options tab in item edit I get:

>Server error!
>The server encountered an internal error and was unable to
>complete your request. 
>Error message: 
>Premature end of script headers: party 
>If you think this is a server error, please contact the
>Error 500

>Any clue on what's wrong?


My original install ... oh back in 1998 ... was via RPM.
Since until last year, 
or sometime there about, I kept my installation up to date
via RPM's. Recently 
I started compiling from nightly builds which was provoked
from anxiouly awaited
features. To my best judgement, switching from RPM's to
(compile from tar) left 
some incompatible files behind. 

Here is what I did to fix it:

1) Pull my hair out until bald
2) Shoot my foot then neighbor dog with revolver ;=)
3) Scream at anyone with ear shout
4) Decided to start from scratch and follow directions from
Mike Heins located @


  **** with addition: deleted /var/lib/interchange directory
to be sure
  ****                nothing left behind. I had a feeling
(...of baldness).

Viola! Options. Now where did I put that number for "The
Hair Club for Men?"


If developers happen to be listening:

It would be extremely helpful if files aren't going to be
replaced to retain 
a list of files not overwritten. Perhaps even like RPM
installs eg (interchange.cfg.rpmorig)
Or maybe I missed something along the way?

To the monitors: I appologize if I am not replying
correctly. Open for pointers :oP

I hope this helps someone,


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