[ic] One Slowwww Store, Others are Fast

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Wed Nov 12 10:21:13 EST 2003

I have several stores on my server running Interchange 4.9.  I just
recently upgraded to 4.9.  Ever since the upgrade, one store
(http://www.discountpreppy.com/) runs very slow in admin section.  At
times it also runs slower than the other stores in the main store section.

Other stores (ex. http://www.jokerswildboise.com &
http://www.idahotaters.com) always run very fast in the admin and store

I ran the expireall script to expire the sessions but this made no

The slow store gets quite a bit of traffic.  Since the traffic is only
affecting the one store, there must be something related to large files or
long queries.  I'm just not sure what is causing this problem or where to
start looking.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Duane Hinkley
Down Home Web Design, Inc.
(208) 424-0572 Fax(208) 587-0738

duane at downhomewebdesign.com

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