[ic] Vertical Category List Question

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Wed Nov 12 13:40:56 EST 2003

> On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Hostmaster wrote:
> > Because I am hyperlinking the Product Group headings, I'm having
> > understanding how to make them Bold Text, since they are being
controlled by
> > the same .class as the categories in the __THEME_CSS__ , as shown below:
> > }
> >
> > A.barlink:link, A.barlink:active, A.barlink:visited {
> >   color: __CATEGORYBAR_LINK__;
> >   font-family: __CATEGORYBAR_FONT__;
> >   font-weight: __CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT__;
> >   text-decoration: __CATEGORYBAR_LINKDECO__;
> >   font-size: __CATEGORYBAR_FONTSIZE__;
> > }
> >
> > A.barlink:hover {
> >   font-family: __CATEGORYBAR_FONT__;
> >   font-weight: __CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT__;
> >   text-decoration: __CATEGORYBAR_HOVERDECO__;
> >   font-size: __CATEGORYBAR_FONTSIZE__;
> > }
> >
> I think if you change the CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT variable to something like
'bold' that should do it.  Check a CSS reference on the web for details on
the font-weight CSS directive.  You could also remove the
__CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT__ reference in those two styles and replace it with
"bold" to avoid unintended bolding elsewhere.
> Ryan

Hello Ryan.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried that before I asked this
question.  What I realized afterward is that the __CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT__
variable is overridden by the "A.barlink:link, A.barlink:active,
A.barlink:visited".  Changing the CATEGORYBAR_WEIGHT variable here affects
both the Product Group and the Category under it.  What I'm hoping to
achieve is to get the Product Group to stand out in bold for better visual

I was hoping to simply add an inline style tag to the TD in which the
Product Group is found, but it seems the Product Group is not isolated from
the Category Heading in the TD.

Thanks for the response.
Most gratefully,
Michael G.

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