[ic] Util.pm and "Vend" question.

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Nov 13 15:05:37 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:15:01 -0800
"krs" <krs at kuaitech.com> wrote:

> Thanks Racke.
> We are doing something just like this site:
> http://store.slackware.com
> After I input something in the box, and at last I click the "Check out" button
> after filled the Credit card number box, this error message just appeared.It
> looks that,it can not send the mail.Whether I do or do not click the mail
> check box, I always got this message.
> I try to add some code in Util.pm, but I don't know what code should I add or
> change.You know, I am also a Perl beginer.:)Should I modify this
> module(Util.pm)? If not, what should I do?


It looks like you are using the Perl module Net::SMTP for email transfer.
Somehow it doesn't work. What is the value of the Interchange variable
MV_SMTPHOST in your setup ?

Line 1874 of Util.pm:
			or last SMTP;


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