[ic] Vertical Category List Question

Hostmaster hostmaster at zipp.net
Thu Nov 13 11:44:31 EST 2003

> >[snipped my introduction]
> >[snipped repost of code]
> Dear Michael -
> I had left out one other change that was needed to the bar_link
> I posted that correction this morning. That and creating the new link
> is all that needs to be done (I have assumed from the beginning that you
> have control of the IC server daemon, because an Interchange restart is
> needed to activate the changes).
> It looks like you attempted to combine my suggestions with those of
> else, so I don't know how this will all play together. But with my
> solution, no modifications to the category_vertical component were needed.
> - Ed L.

Dear Ed,
Thank you for posting the needed modification to the bar_link subroutine.  I
had just finished making that modification as I received this latest message
from you.

I do have control of the IC server daemon.  I made the new modification to
the catalog_before.cfg, checked my CSS, restarted IC, and looked at the
menu.  Nothing was affected by the change to the catalog_before.cfg.  I
tinkered with the "link pseudo class" as follows [Making changes here
simultaneously affects both new classes :  .grouplink (area) and .barlink
(cat)] :

A.barlink:link, A.barlink:active, A.barlink:visited {
  color: __CATEGORYBAR_LINK__;
  font-family: __CATEGORYBAR_FONT__;
  font-weight: __GROUPLINK_WEIGHT__;
  text-decoration: __CATEGORYBAR_LINKDECO__;
  font-size: __GROUPLINK_FONTSIZE__;

When I change any of the variables in the above class, it affects both the
"area" and "cat" portion of the menu.

Changing the above "link pseudo class" to try to isolate it for just the
.grouplink (area):
A.grouplink:link, A.grouplink:active, A.grouplink:visited {
  color: __CATEGORYBAR_LINK__;
  font-family: __CATEGORYBAR_FONT__;
  font-weight: __GROUPLINK_WEIGHT__;
  text-decoration: __CATEGORYBAR_LINKDECO__;
  font-size: __GROUPLINK_FONTSIZE__;

Resulted in no change at all.

Removing the list class suggested by Ryan:

 .vertcatlist {
 list-style-image: url(/~filters/cart/images/items/bullet4.gif);

Made no difference in the new modifications to catalog_before.cfg.

>From the vertical category list component (I realize you said this needs no
modification after configuring the catalog_before.cfg, but it seems making
the below modifications didn't change anything anyway):
    <td valign="top" class="grouplink"> < =="class" within this td has no
bearing on anything.  If, within the CSS,  I change the variables to reflect
new font sizes or weights:
TD {
  font-family: __MAINCONTENT_FONT__;
  font-size: __MAINCONTENT_FONTSIZE__;

It will affect anything within a table data, whether it's within the menu or
within the body.

 <b>[box-exec bar_link]area[/box-exec]</b> <==these "bold" tags, which were
included in the default vertical category list component, don't affect the
enclosed IC tag at all.  If they did, my search would be over.

If you can think of anything I may be misunderstanding about your
recommendations, I'm a sponge ready to absorb any and all suggestions.  Even
though it's frustrating not being about to simply make the Product Group
heading "bold", while keeping the Category headings "normal", I'm enjoying
the learning experience immensely, and can only benefit from it since I plan
on a long, long relationship with Interchange.

Most gratefully,
Michael G.

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