[ic] logo image change

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Nov 13 20:35:09 EST 2003

>I am using 4.8 on an outside server, redhat. I want to change the
>image to a logo.gif image. I have tried replacing logo.jpg in the
>LEFTRIGHT template, but the old image is still there. I have the
>replacement image in /foundation directory. I searched my interchange
>(about 11 months worth) and could not find solution.

I often find with 4.8.7 that I have to force the template to re-load by
switching the template to another one, then saving it, then going back
to the template I had modified and then saving it again.

I have found that apply changes and even restarting the IC server do not
always change the template, it's as if it gets cached somewhere?



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