[ic] logo image change

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Nov 13 23:20:04 EST 2003

>>I am using 4.8 on an outside server, redhat. I want to change the
> logo.jpg
>>image to a logo.gif image. I have tried replacing logo.jpg in the
>> LEFTRIGHT template, but the old image is still there. I have the
>>replacement image in /foundation directory. I searched my interchange
> mail
>>(about 11 months worth) and could not find solution.
> I often find with 4.8.7 that I have to force the template to re-load
> switching the template to another one, then saving it, then going back
> to the template I had modified and then saving it again.
> I have found that apply changes and even restarting the IC server do
> always change the template, it's as if it gets cached somewhere?
> Regards,
> Andy.
Ok, I found what I needed to change in the theme.cfg file. The line
Variable  THEME_LOGO     __THEME_IMG_DIR__/logo2.gif
seems to control the image. I was able to change the image, ie from
logo.jpg to logo2.gif, but not to the image I wanted. I may have an
over-sized image? I brought it down to my pc and it functions in gimp,
does not load when placed where logo2.gif is now.

You shouldn't need to change theme.cfg to change the logo, logo2 is a
second smaller logo, in the original template files I believe it sits to
the right of the main logo.



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