[ic] logo image change

Kerry Blalock kerryb at basicq.com
Fri Nov 14 14:26:32 EST 2003

> Kerry Blalock [kerryb at basicq.com] wrote:
>>> interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:08:43 -0500 (EST), Kerry Blalock wrote
>>>>>>>> I am using 4.8 on an outside server, redhat. I want to change
>>>>>>>> the logo.jpg image to a logo.gif image. I have tried replacing
>>>>>>>> logo.jpg in the LEFTRIGHT template, but the old image is still
>>>>>>>> there. I have the replacement image in /foundation directory. I
>>>>>>>> searched my interchange mail (about 11 months worth) and could
>>>>>>>> not find solution.
>>>>>>> I often find with 4.8.7 that I have to force the template to
>>>>>>> re-load
>>>>>> by switching the template to another one, then saving it, then
>>>>>> going back to the template I had modified and then saving it
>>>>>> again.
>>>>>>> I have found that apply changes and even restarting the IC server
>>>>>>> do
>>>>>> not always change the template, it's as if it gets cached
>>>>>> somewhere?
>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>> Andy.
>>>>>> Ok, I found what I needed to change in the theme.cfg file. The
>>>>>> line Variable  THEME_LOGO     __THEME_IMG_DIR__/logo2.gif
>>>>>> seems to control the image. I was able to change the image, ie
>>>>>> from logo.jpg to logo2.gif, but not to the image I wanted. I may
>>>>>> have an over-sized image? I brought it down to my pc and it
>>>>>> functions in gimp, but does not load when placed where logo2.gif
>>>>>> is now.
>>>>> I have no experience with 4.8, but with 4.9, you just need to set
>>>>> the value  of LOGO in variable.txt
>>>>> -Paul
>>>> Closest thing I found in 4.8 is theme.cfg. This file has variables
>>>> defined in it. I tried defining the LOGO in ic, but apparantly did
>>>> not do something right as it voided any thing in the top section.
>>>> Looking for instructions on how to use the define LOGO section in
>>>> preferences, templates (I think)
>>> Yes, Paul was right. According to the demo 4.8 theme.cfg:
>>> ifdef LOGO
>>> Variable  THEME_LOGO  __LOGO__
>>> endif
>>> So, it seems all you need to do is place a definition for it in
>>> variable.txt like:
>>> LOGO	catalog-name/yourlogo.jpg	Template
>>> As you can see in theme.cfg, THEME_LOGO is defined, then later
>>> superceded if you happen to have a def for LOGO:
>>> Variable  THEME             foundation
>>> Variable  THEME_IMG_DIR     __THEME__/
>>> Variable  THEME_LOGO     __THEME_IMG_DIR__/logo.gif
>>> ifdef LOGO
>>> Variable  THEME_LOGO  __LOGO__
>>> endif
>>> Apply changes afterwards. Sorry for the confusion.
>>> Paul
>> I do not see variable.txt in the directory I have access to. I use an
>> outside service to host the cart. I can access a file named theme.cfg.
>> This file has variable definitions in it. It to can only be accessed
>> from admin of ic, not in my directories.
> in ADMIN, Tables->Variable then find LOGO
> Paul
> There is no variable table listed in admin. I was able to define the
LOGO and get what I needed there. Now I need to find out what happened
to the right side image. I had it working at one point after you clicked
from home page to an item. I also had an imge that replaced the redhat
logo on the right side of the top area when in the home page.

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